MRES Imports LLC had its beginnings years before the actual company existed. It all started with Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions Inc., a company well known for being committed to its customers and their employees’ safety. This commitment to service the safety needs of our customers allows us to introduce unique safety management solutions to mitigate the company’s risks by addressing unsafe conditions.  

As an entrepreneurial company installing safety and lubrication systems in industries such as mining, transportation, and manufacturing, MRES established a reputation as a fair and honest business partner committed to sourcing the best SOLUTIONS for the customer. These included autonomous vehicle projects, impact and speed sensing equipment, controlled access, vision, radar, ultrasonic, and other application specific projects. Our customers continually collaborate with us in seeking out leading-edge technologies, utilization our trained staff for product knowledge and support before and after the sale.

During this time we found Claitec on a request to make a very large distribution center a safer and more efficient place. After installing the electronic pedestrian detection technology for additional customers, the decision was made between the two companies to establish a US Importer in order to better serve the growing demand for this very unique safety technology. At that time, MRES Imports LLC was formed and we haven’t looked back. Since our start in 2016, we have successfully installed and sold safety solutions from coast to coast, hired industry specific specialists, and continue to implement this best in class technology.

We are excited and feel privileged to assist you and your company with reducing accidents, improving equipment safety, lifting up employee morale, and extending equipment life cycle costs. Your company is committed to your employees and it is our job to assist you in everything we do to make sure they return to their families each and every day.

Please contact one of us and let us know how we can help.