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Cyber Monday: Dangers in the Warehouse

Many believe Black Friday to be the biggest shopping day of the year; however, Cyber Monday now holds that crown.  We’ve all seen the frightening madness that ensues when shoppers hit the retail .... read more

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Identifying and Assessing Hazards in the Workplace

It is estimated that United States employers pay nearly $1 billion every week in direct costs for workers’ compensation alone. That does not include indirect costs, such as the training of replacement.... read more

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Never Stop Learning About Safety: The Importance of Continuing Education

Do you remember what happened at the Battle of Gettysburg?  Do you remember how to calculate the third side of a triangle, given the length of the other two sides?  The answers to both of th.... read more

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Warehouse Technology: Increasing Warehouse Safety with Software

As the tech industry continues to grow, all industries continue to develop their tech, and warehouse safety is no different.  Back when forklifts were being developed in the early 20th century, t.... read more

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Ensuring Pedestrian Safety around Motorized Vehicles

    The National Safety Council of the United States of America has published a safety guide on the implementation and operation of mobilized vehicles, including forklifts, pal.... read more

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Risks in Industrial Warehouses and Factories

Both governments and the general population are gradually becoming aware of the new risks that have arisen as a result of the habits brought about by the new technologies. In 2014, the National Securi.... read more

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4 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions has become known for our automated lubrication products, as well as our active and passive safety systems. While just about every piece of heavy machinery is bett.... read more

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The Importance of Preventative Forklift Safety: Another Tragedy on the Job

Two weeks ago, we were saddened to hear about another tragic accident that could've been prevented.  In central Kentucky, a sheet metal company was hired to install insulation and siding inside a.... read more

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The Claitec Suite of Warehouse Safety Products

MRES Imports has safety on the forefront and the decision to become a Claitec importer had everything to do with providing our market with the outstanding warehouse safety products that Claitec is kno.... read more

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Claitec partners with MRES Imports for US Development

As part of their continuous strategic global development, Claitec has expanded their capabilities of providing total safety solutions by signing an agreement with MRES Imports LLC, a wholly owned subs.... read more

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