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Utah Asphalt Paving Association Spotlights Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions



Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions Inc. specializes in the sales and installations of Automated Lubrication Systems, Active and Passive Safety Systems, and Maintenance Products that are used in the materials, distribution, construction, and maintenance of Utah's roads and highways. Our products are used on all types and sizes of Off Road Mobile Equipment, On Road Vehicles, Industrial and Stationary Plant Equipment, and Material Handling Equipment. We look to provide our customers a positive return in their financials, safety, equipment, and environmental returns. 

Mountain Regional Equipment Solutions started in May 2004 as a one person operation and we now employee numerous people and have stores in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada and we work consistently throughout the Western US. We belong to many great associations such as UAPA; have community outreach, and a great safety record. Our entrepreneurial spirit has helped us become the largest Groeneveld Distributor in the world and allowed us to become the US Importer for Claitec. 
We consider ourselves a service company that provides the best products. Our History, Mission Statement, Vision and Values, and Commitment to our Community can all be found on our website listed below, or our Social Media sites. There you will also find people, products, and services specific to your industry and needs and valuable articles in our blog section. 


Thank you Utah Asphalt Pavement Association and thank you all   UAPA members for allowing us to work by your side. 


Bup Minardi, President




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