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The Claitec Suite of Warehouse Safety Products

Forklift and Warehouse SafetyMRES Imports has safety on the forefront and the decision to become a Claitec importer had everything to do with providing our market with the outstanding warehouse safety products that Claitec is know for.  Warehouse safety, specifically with regards to forklifts, has become an increasingly dangerous topic as major injuries and fatalities in the workplace continue to occur.  On that note, we'd like to focus on the Claitec suite of safety products to explain how each product can help to prevent additional unnecessary injuries and help us all move toward our long-term goal of decreasing on-the-job fatalities until they're a thing of the past.

1) Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) - One of Claitec's flagship products, the PAS system notifies forklift operators when pedestrians are within a three to twenty foot radius of the forklift (distance adjustable to suit the needs of the warehouse).  The system works using electric RFID sensors, which are carried by the pedestrians when they enter the warehouse, and the sensors trigger clearly visible flashing lights in the forklift to give the operator complete awareness of his or her surroundings.  Since the majority of forklift related injuries occur when the operator has no idea that pedestrians are in the area, this product is sure to be a preventive force in inhibiting these accidents.

2) Low Speed Area (LSA) - Just as you would expect, the LSA system lowers the speed of the forklift when it enters a pre-determined area that is known to experience a high volume of pedestrian traffic.  With so many people in the area, human error is taken out of the equation by forcing the forklift to decrease speeds in any given area.  The system works using a panel of reflective coded bands, which are usually located on the roof of the doors or where speed changes.  Every warehouse manager knows where accidents are most likely to take place, and now they have a state-of-the-art solution to prevent any potentially dangerous situations.

3) Hazardous Area (HA) - This product was engineered specifically for the paper and cardboard recycling industry, but is suited to any environment where conveyor belts or dangerous machines are present.  Similarly to the Pedestrian Alert System, HA requires all operators to wear an electric tag and sends a signal to the conveyors whenever an operator falls onto the belt or near a threatening machine and triggers the machine to automatically cease when it receives the signal.  This prevents any human injury from taking place as a result.  The system comes with an easy turnkey installation, and can be fitted with adjustable distances to fit any operating environment.

4) Traffic Control System (TCS) - The TCS system works similarly to the traffic lights we're used to seeing every day while driving to work, except for the fact that they're programed for pedestrians to follow the signals while walking through a warehouse.  As you would expect, the light is turned green until a forklift comes within a certain distance to the area, at which point the light turns red.  Once the system is installed, it requires no human attention as it operates in a passive form.  The system works great in combination with the Pedestrian Alert System and can prevent even more accidental injuries in warehouses.

5) Fall Protection System (FPS) - The Fall Protection System is another Claitec product that has been engineered to prevent accidents for operators working with dangerous machines, often used to dispose of various materials.  The system operates using a safety harness that comes attached to an anchored retractable device, which holds the operator.  FPS actually detects tension when a fall occurs and transmits a signal to the machine which causes it to stop.  This prevents any dangerous situations involving an operator near a piece of heavy machinery that could cause significant injury upon impact.

All of these products were designed with safety at the forefront, and they can all be installed easily to decrease preventable injury in the workplace immediately.  It can be of great cost to a company when an injury occurs in a warehouse, but there is no greater cost than having to deal with having lost a life while on the job.  Accidents will always happen, but it's our responsibility to do whatever we can to minimize the number of accidents and prevent as many injuries as possible.  Ready to get your warehouse fitted for safety?  Please fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch shortly.


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