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Never Stop Learning About Safety: The Importance of Continuing Education

Safety WarehouseDo you remember what happened at the Battle of Gettysburg?  Do you remember how to calculate the third side of a triangle, given the length of the other two sides?  The answers to both of those questions were surely in your brain at some point in your life, be it middle school, high school or a secondary education.  So, why can't you recall the answers off the top of your head now?  Simple: time passes, you forget old concepts and you learn new concepts.  However, the fact that you've learned new concepts does not denote the importance of retaining the old concepts, especially when it comes to safety.

More likely than not, your company has done some type of training to make sure all of the company's employees have been taught best safety practices on the job.  The question then becomes: how long ago was that training?  Do you still remember those concepts?  Unlike remembering the Battle of Gettysburg, remembering the fundamentals of safety at your job is essential in keeping your team out of harms way.  Thus, there is a significant value in implementing a continuing education program into your company's daily and weekly routines.  In addition to continuing education, the implementation of warehouse safety products will decrease on the job injuries as well.  

The first of those products is Claitec's Pedestrian Alert System (PAS), which uses RFID sensors to aid in the highest safety practices within areas where your forklifts roam.  Since both the operator and the pedestrian are wearing the sensors, the sensor coming from the pedestrian will trigger an alert to the forklift driver, indicating that he or she needs to be aware of a potentially dangerous situation.  The indication will come from clearly visible flashing lights that the driver won't be able to ignore.  

Another product, Claitec's Low Speed Area (LSA), can force the forklift to lower it's speed when it enters a predetermined area.  The system uses a panel of reflective coded bands, located on the roof of the doors or in areas where speed changes. When the forklift drives underneath the panel, the sensors decode the change in zone and proceed to activate the relay corresponding to that zone.  In addition to PAS and LSA, Claitec has several other products, each designed to increase safety in a warehouse environment.

At the end of the day, you may never become a Jeopardy champion; but, if your team completed another days work without any injuries, than your a winner in our book.  To get a quote on implementing any number of our warehouse safety products, please contact our team of specialists today.


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