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Innovation and Evolution in the Warehouse: The Side Loader Forklift

Side Loader ForkliftAs technology continues to evolve across multiple industries, the evolution of the forklift has brought us the side loader forklift, a product that has been engineered to load and unload from the side of the machine.  Although the side loader has been available for a few years now, its popularity is finally on the rise.

While the traditional forklift still has its place in the warehouse, many industries are poised to profit from the benefits, including the following:


-       Unlike traditional forklifts, side loaders can drive up alongside shelves and trucks, making it easier to load and unload.

-       With a sleek design, the side loaders are able to operate in tighter spaces like doorways and narrow aisles.

-       Along with the sleek design, longer loads (like pipes and timber) are easier to handle because the load moves in the same direction as the forklift.

-       With the flat bed available beside the forklift, stability is easier to maintain, creating a safer movement.

-       Visibility is enhanced with the driver being able to see clearly both in front of and behind the forklift, also enhancing safety.


Even with all of these benefits, the traditional forklift is still superior in movement and will still have their practical application.

The benefits of the side loader will surely increase productivity in the warehouses of the world, but safety should still be taken into account as a top priority.  The new forklifts still work well with existing safety products like Claitec’s Pedestrian Alert System and Low Speed Area.

No matter what types of innovations continue to take place with regards to forklifts, MRES Imports will remain dedicated to ensuring that all forklifts are outfitted with the most innovative safety products to keep workplace injuries to a minimum.

For more information on forklift safety products, please contact one of our specialists today.


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