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Hazardous Area (HA) Increases Safety by Preventing Occupational Hazards

With the Utah Safety Council Convention coming up, we wanted to take a minute to feature one of our up and coming products.  Hazardous Area (HA) allows you to monitor employee safety in areas that have been determined to be more “risky.”  Such areas include: compactors, balers, presses and crushers. 

The program functions through a series of electronic tags, carried by all operators within the vicinity of the potentially dangerous areas.  In addition to fitting people with the sensors, all machines and conveyors are also tagged with detector antennas to effectively detect people carrying tags in hazardous situations.  If someone were to, for example, fall on a belt, the machine would automatically turn itself off, preventing a potentially fatal accident.

Key features of HA include:

  • Detection of personnel who have accidentally fallen into a machine and conveyor belt.
  • Regular and consistent detection within 3 to 15 feet.
  • Stops the machine upon detection of a person’s tag in the area of the antenna or the belt.
  • Easy turnkey installation by MRES Imports.
  • Durable and robust system components. 
  • Function unaffected by engine vibration, interferences caused by antennas or by the metal structures of the machines.
  • Tag detection in any position and even if covered.
  • False alarms area prevented by regularly adjusting the antennas.

For optimal functionality, all operators, machines and their respective conveyors, must be fitted with, or must be carrying, a detectable tag or device.  HA has done wonders in some of the more treacherous working environments, and it’s just one of several Claitec products that has been engineered specifically for safety in the workplace. 

For more information on the Claitec suite of products, please click here.  For more information on getting your warehouse or environment fitted today, please contact one of our specialists today.


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