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Cyber Monday: Dangers in the Warehouse

Warehouse Safety - Cyber MondayMany believe Black Friday to be the biggest shopping day of the year; however, Cyber Monday now holds that crown.  We’ve all seen the frightening madness that ensues when shoppers hit the retail scene with belly’s still full of turkey and gravy.  But, have you considered the madness that occurred in warehouses across the globe as $3.45 billion in sales were processed on cyber Monday?  No shoppers got hurt as they ordered products on their tablets from the comfort of their homes, but the madness surely ensued as forklifts and people scrambled to fill boxes and ship packages in absurdly large quantities.

The environment within warehouses can vary quite a bit; and, the differences range from organization and training to the amount of technology being utilized by the company running the show.  As automation continues to grow, we will continue to see decreases in workplace injuries and increased efficiency.  Products like Claitec’s Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) have revolutionized the way warehouses operate.  After installation, forklifts begin to communicate with pedestrians walking through the space.  Once a pedestrian gets within a predetermined distance of a forklift, a signal is transmitted to the forklift giving the driver a clear caution that he or she must be aware of a potentially dangerous situation.

In fact, Claitec has produced several products that have been engineered specifically to enhance safety measures with regard to forklifts.  The Low Speed Area (LSA) will literally slow down a forklift automatically when it enters a predetermined area where pedestrians frequently walk.  This system also transmits a signal; but, in this case, it happens when a forklift drives into the area where the sensors have been strategically placed.  Each of Claitec’s products is meant to solve vulnerabilities within the warehouse setting.  Hazardous Area (HA) cautions those operating within an area that has been deemed high-risk for an accident.  Fall Protection System (FPS) does the same in areas where a fall could be fatal, such as in areas where machines dispose of various waste.

Black Friday definitely causes dangers in the retail setting, but cyber Monday does the exact same thing in the warehouses of the world.  Interested in learning more about installing safety devices into your warehouse?  Please contact one of our specialists today.


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